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7 good reasons to use information screens

Published 30.06.2020 af Favo
7 good reasons to use information screens

Lots of information to share? Messages that drown in an ocean of e-mails? Our way to solve this, is to use information screens, and we have developed the software, PinToMind, that enables an easier and more efficient information flow in the every day life of businesses and organisations. Here are 7 good reasons why the use of information screens is a great solution for you and your workplace.

1. Everyone knows what is going on 👍

An information screen is a modern digital bulletin board, which gives you a wonderful opportunity to make sure that everyone knows what is going on in your organisation. With this type of digital bulletin board, you can share knowledge and information, at the same time as you create expectation and engagement.

For instance you can let visitors waiting in the reception get…

Or let your staff get…

An information screen can be adapted to different rooms and all kinds of target audiences. The possiblities are endless! 🤩

Everyone knows what is going on

2. Share relevant and updated information 💬

«Not yet another platform to update,» you might sigh, thinking about the bulletin board that is overflowing with old content, or the blog that has not been updated since lasts year. One of the genious aspects with information screens, is that they are so much easier to update! Much of the content is retrieved automatically from sources that already have updated content, like your firm’s calendars or social media.

With PinToMind, both publishing and unpublishing content can easily be scheduled, making sure that only relevant content is displayed. You manage everything clearly and well in your own account with us, from anywhere in the world! All you need is a browser and internet-access! What you decide to publish, becomes visible on the physical screens at the time that you have chosen. With the app, PinToMind Go, your staff-members can also get these updates sent directly to the screens they look the most at during the day, - their mobile phones! 🖥📲

Share relevant and updated information

3. Draw attention 👀

On a digital bulletin board you can display varied content. It is a great platform for sharing images or videos. To be able to use such visual elements in the information flow really helps catch the attention of those you want to reach. With PinToMind you can easily share images in different display options or create custom made posts with your combination of text and image. You can also display your firm’s own videos by uploading them directly in a video-post, or you can share a video from YouTube.

4.Engage 👩‍🏭

A digital notice board is a perfect channel to share happy news, to remember good shared experiences, or to celebrate the launching of a new product. These are posts that easily excite and create a good atmosphere. Or what about a countdown to something you are looking forward to? Our timecounter creates excitement and engages, and is therefore very popular.

5. Stylish and functional 💪✨

Using information screens helps create modern, good looking and functional digital bulletin boards in the reception, the conference room, the cafeteria, or wherever you would want to inform! To make it easy for you to create stylish screens, we offer a bunch of ready made templates. You are free to choose between our popular background designs or background images. You can use them as they are, or upload your logo and select a background color from your logo. Or you can of course upload your own backgroundimage, if you want to.

Stylish and functional

6. Time saved! ⏱

Sharing information is timeconsuming. Therefore it is of utter importance to have good tools for this. We believe that an information screen might be exactly the efficient tool you need in this area. There are several different softwares for informasjon screens. One of the benefits of PinToMind, is that it can be used regardless of prior knowledge or technical expertise. We have made it easy for you to succeed! You do not have to develop the product from scratch, or use an already stretched time on systems that don’t work.

Here you get a ready package that works, and that makes it easy for you to get to the information flow you dream of. Everything is well tested and tried in order for you to be able to save time on informationsharing, and have more time left to do what is important for you.

Time saved

7. A good investment 💰

A good information screen software is in other words an investement you will gain a lot from. In order for you to be able to see and experience what this can mean for you and your business, we offer free testing of PinToMind for 30 days.

Do you not have the physical screens yet? Don’t let that stop you from starting a free trial. Test on your own PC! Are you ready for a new and better information flow in your workplace? Try PinToMind for free and with no commitment for 30 days, and get access to all functionality right away! 😄

A good investment

One more thing… If you have questions along the way, we are right there for you! On our support pages you can find useful and clarifying articles. And if you still need help, our helpful customer support workers are always ready to help. We really want it to be easy for you to manage and display content on your information screens, and will do what we can for our software to work optimally for you.

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