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PinToMind at Eidesvik Deep Sea Fishing

Published 26.03.2020 by Favo

Through generations, the family business, Eidesvik Deep Sea Fishing at Bømlo, Norway, has been built up through fishing and fish-farming. We had the pleasure of visiting them in the fall. Then it was still crowded on their premises, and coronavirus was something none of us had even heard of. Now they are of course experiencing different days, like all of us, but they report that things are going relatively well.

Today, the company is a large and modern cornerstone company out by the ocean, with a clear anchoring in the Norwegian coastal culture. This is reflected in the pleasant maritime environment in the company’s reception. And side by side with beautiful coastal crafts and old, venerable artifacts, an information screen also contributes to convey some of what the business is working with.

- For us, the information screen has been a very nice way to make visible the activity in the company, both for ourselves and others. Aina Eidesvik, Eidesvik Deep Sea Fishing

‐ A lot of exciting things are happening here at the moment, says Aina Eidesvik at Eidesvik Deep Sea Fishing, and the screen easily creates life at the reception. She points to the public screen hanging on the wall. - All our visitors get an immediate impression of what we are doing, and our staff are also happy to stop by, take a look and talk about what they see. The information screen is a very nice way for us to make visible the activity in the company, both to ourselves and others.

Right now, there is a lot of attention, both internally and externally, directed towards the new and state-of-the-art reclaimer for salmon farming from roe to setfish. Here, the latest technology is used to deliver an even better product.

When the fish is large enough, it is forwarded to the company’s food fish plant in Ryfylke. Aina says that they also have an information screen in the common room there, and believes that the use of the PinToMind* screen in both departments has contributed to a nice exchange of everyday smiles between the two facilities, which are geographically distanced. - We get much positive feedback from the employees about this, she adds.

- Our experience is that PinToMind is both easy and fun to use, and it's easy to make the public screens look nice. Aina Eidesvik, Eidesvik Deep Sea Fishing

‐ For us who manage the public screens, it works very well, says Aina Helen. In addition to internal posts with images and text, they have also chosen to display news updates and weather forecasts on the screens. - Our experience is that PinToMind is both easy and fun to use, and it’s easy to make the public screens look nice. The few times we have needed support, it has been quick and easy to get in touch and and we have gotten things worked out quickly! We are very happy, she smiles.

*PinToMind is called Infoskjermen in Norway.

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