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COVID-19: - We want to help!

Published 19.03.2020 by Favo
COVID-19: - We want to help!

In the fight against COVID-19, we want to help in any way we can. We offer free use of PinToMind for projects and departments that have been established to fight the Novel Coronavirus. We encourage the use of our mobile app, PinToMind Go, both for phones and on PC. Also, see if your central health department is offering information that you easily can display on your public screens.

Free use for the fight against COVID-19

Businesses, departments and projects that are started specifically in order to fight the coronavirus, can use our software for free. Start a free account on our webpage, and contact us, and we will keep your account open as long as the fight against COVID-19 goes on.

Clear information in crew quarters, watchrooms, waiting rooms etc, and not the least, the option to inform through the mobile app, PinToMind Go, are ways we hope will be helpful for the success of this work.

Quarantine or home office? Use PinToMind Go!

With PinToMind Go you can get access to all the content on your public screen from either mobile phone, tablet or PC, - absolutely perfect if you are in quarantine, isolation or if you are working from a home office.

All our customers have the possibility to share their screens to PinToMind Go without any extra cost. Ask those who are managing your public screens if they have shared the content to PinToMind Go, and what the code is.

In order to use PinToMind Go on a mobile phone, you download the app from AppStore (iPhone) or GooglePlay (Android). When you start the app the first time, you have to enter the sharing-code for the screen. You can also open it directly in a browser, by going to http://app.pintomind.com/go/demo1, and you just exhange “demo” with the code for your own screen.

Share information from your health department

We recommend publishing information from your health department. Find the information your country is providing, and publish it as text-posts or possibly download images or pdfs and easily publish them as image-posts on your public screens.

We want to help

If you have questions or if there is anything we can help with, we are here and want to help! So, please contact us!

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