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Display real-time public transport information on your screens

Published 29.01.2020 by Favo
Display real-time public transport information on your screens

You can display real-time public transport information, energy-reports or another webpage that is customized for public screens, on your PinToMind-screens.

Post-type for displaying webpages made for display on public screens

Webpages which are to be displayed on public screens must be made for such displays. Readability and download time is what you have to pay special attention to; the page must be quick and easy to read. The page should also be made so that the layout will adjust itself to different screen-sizes.

You can read more about the post-type Webpage/URL on our support pages.

Create your own custom real-time bus-table display

If a public transport company in your area offers real-time traffic information for display on digital signage, you can try displaying this in our Webpage-post.

When is the next bus due? - Display up-to-date public transport information that is helpful to those viewing your information screen.

Check with the public transport company in your area if they have the possibility to display a real-time bus-table display in an iframe on public screens.

Do you have questions about the Webpage-post? Feel free to contact us!

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