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Facebook demands admin-rights

Published 02.12.2019 by Favo
Facebook demands admin-rights

Facebook tightens the enforcement of the rules regarding who can retrieve content from Facebook pages. From the 10th of December you have to have admin-rights for all pages that you want to display on PinToMind.

Can no longer display all pages

From mid December, Facebook closes the possiblity to retrieve data in the way we have done until now. It will unfortunately no longer be possible to display all types of Facebook-page, you will have to have admin-rights for the pages you want to display.

- For example, you can no longer display the Facebook-page of your local newspaper, unless you have admin-rights for this page.

Can display pages you have admin-rights for

Facebook-pages that you have admin-rights for, you will still be able to display on your public screen. When you make a new Facebook-post on PinToMind after December 10th, you will get a list of the pages you are allowed to display and can easily select which of the pages you want to display in your post.

More information regarding the transition from old to new Facebook-posts will come where you edit your old posts, and on our supportpages.

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