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New Auto-image-post!

Published 10.10.2019 by Favo
New Auto-image-post!

We have recently released a new image-post for PinToMind, which adjusts everything totally auto-magically! If you have not tried it yet, we hope you will give it a try now!

Quickly done ✅

With the Auto-image-post, which you find in the top of the menu for “new post” in the upper right corner, it is very quickly done to upload an image-post to your public screen! You do not need to even think about display options, image size etc. All you need to do, is to choose an image, optionally add some text and then publish!

Everything is adjusted automatically and gets the same layout 👌

As everything gets automatically scaled and adjusted in this type of post, the display looks very good when there are several such posts in succession. The layout will be the same regardless of the direction of the image.

Can be published directly from the Image-app on iOS

This new post-type comes together with several new updates, which you can read more about in this blog-post. We have among other things made it possible to very easily publish an Auto-image-post to the public screens, directly from Images on iPhone and iPad! 📱😁👍

Read more about this on our support-pages.

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