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Changes to Chrome OS License

Published 21.08.2019 by Favo

Information to customers, that use a Chromebit or Chromebox, or other equipment using Chrome OS to display the public screen and that purchases license through PinToMind.

Google has announced that the Chrome Kiosk License (with single-app) will expire and be replaced by the Chrome Enterprise License as of October 1, 2019.

We will, from the same date, offer Chrome Enterprise License, something that unfortunately means an increase in price, from 24 EUR per year to 40 EUR per year. We do not add any charge to the price. The Chrome Enterprise License gives you the same features as the Chrome Kiosk License, as well as other features that are only available with a full license.

We can not do anything but regret this change from Google, and we see that this brings an extra cost to our customers that today use Chrome OS, a change we would like to have been without.

Note that all customers with active licenses today, retain these until they expire and need to be renewed.

This change from Google comes less than a year after they introduced a requirement of license for use of kiosk mode in Chrome OS. Unfortunately, it is not possible to predict what changes Google is planning, and we have no choice but to follow the guidelines that are made for the use of equipment running on their software.

If you have any questions about this matter, feel free to contact us.

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