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Updated and improved display from Facebook

Published 15.08.2019 by Favo
Updated and improved display from Facebook

Facebook have made some changes in how the content is retrieved and displayed with external services. We have taken this opportunity to improve our Facebook post. The new post is ready to use, we hope you like it!

It is still text and image from public Facebook pages that can be displayed, but with this update, the post fills the screen in a much better way. We hope you like it! :smiley:

Authentication is required

The update from Facebook now requires authentication from the user, in order to retrieve content from Facebook. This means, that when creating a new Facebook post, you need to authenticate before the post can be created and published. You can find more information on our support pages.

What happens with the old Facebook post?

The Facebook posts with old layout will still persist, and will not be removed from the screen. But if you wish to use the new layout you can easily replace the old Facebook post by creating a new, corresponding Facebook post.

Ready to use!

The new Facebook post is already available in the post menu, and ready to use. Update your Facebook post now, and renew attention towards your screens! :sunglasses:

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