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Midsommarkransen elementary school + PinToMind Go = true 📚📱🤩

Published 15.08.2019 af Favo
Midsommarkransen elementary school + PinToMind Go = true 📚📱🤩

At Midsommarkransen elementary school in Stockholm, Sweden, they have found a quick and easy way to inform both staff, students and parents. In addition to the large public screens on the school’s walls, they also make good use of the mobile app, PinToMind Go. In a very efficient manner the school conveys the information that is important to them, to all involved.

PinToMind Go for parents, students and staff 👩‍🏫

Anneli Rytterlund, Midsommarkransens elementary school

At Midsommarkransen elementary school, they sure know how to use the full potential in PinToMind’s public screens and the mobile app, PinToMind Go. The school conveys information through PinToMind to the school staff, students and to the parents. - We are very happy with the system, and the parents are very happy too, says Anneli Rytterlund, IT coordinator at Midsommarkransen elementary school. - PinToMind Go offers accessible information, since no login is needed, just the code to the screen, Anneli continues.

Different screens aimed for the different grades

The school has different public screens for the different grades. They share, in a very simple manner, a unique sharing code for each screen, that the students and parents can subscribe to in the mobile app PinToMind Go. - Most of the information we post is the same to all screens, but we also post aimed information to our different screens, Anneli says.

It started with “Today’s extracurricular activities” 🏓🧩🎨

It all started with the school searching for a digital way to inform about the extracurricular activities of the day. They found the solution in the mobile app PinToMind Go. The older students download the app, and receive the information that the school posts, directly in their smartphones.

Push-notifications for extra important information 💬📲

With PinToMind it is possible to send out a push-notification to users of PinToMind Go. The notification informs that something new is published, and the user can open the app to see the new post directly in their smartphone. - We send push-notifications to the mobile app to inform about for example an early closure because of a staff meeting, Anneli explains.

We are very happy with PinToMind, and we often recommend it to other schools, we have even demonstrated the system at a workshop! IT coordinator at Midsommarkransen elementary school

Do you too want to use PinToMind Go at your school or your business? The mobile app is now included in ALL our price plans! You can read more about how to get started with the mobile app, PinToMind Go, on our support pages!

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