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New video-post

Published 11.06.2019 af Favo
New video-post

The possibility to upload videos directly to PinToMind, without having to go through YouTube, has been a large request from many of our users. After a long period of intense work, we are now pleased to release our new Video-post in beta, available for all users. 🎥🎉

It’s been a long road

The Video-post has been a large and complex challenge to solve. Uploading, converting, storing, publishing and playback over a long time, makes video a complicated process, which may require a lot of the local equipment.

We would like to thank our users for the patience, and are so excited to have launched the beta of this Video-post! 🙌🏻👏🏼

Requires certain equipment 🖥

In order to ensure the best possible result for this post-type, we have had to set some minimum requirements for the equipment used. The screen the Video-post is displayed on must use the browser Google Chrome, or be a Samsung SSSP4/SSSP5/SSSP6 screen. A daily restart of the unit is also recommended in order for the video solution to work optimally. More information on this can be found on our support pages.

Feedback or questions?

We hope that you would like to log in and test our new Video-post, and that it will be of great help! If you would encounter any challenges along the way, just contact us at support@pintomind.com!

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