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PinToMind Go to all our customers

Published 22.05.2019 af Favo
PinToMind Go to all our customers

We turn around! Our mobile app, PinToMind Go, is not an addition, but part of what makes PinToMind what it is. Therefore, we now change it so that everyone can use PinToMind Go, also customers with Start and Plus.

Up until now, customers with the priceplans, Start and Plus, have had to upgrade in order to use PinToMind Go. But from now on, everyone can share the content of their public screens to their audience - read more about PinToMind Go!

«Don't be ashamed to turn around.»  😉

Norwegian Mountain Code No. 8

We’ll take care of it if you have upgraded for this

Have you upgraded to be able to use PinToMind Go? Thanks a lot! We think it is very cool that PinToMind Go has been so well received. Contact us, and we’ll find a good way to take care of this if you want to go back to the priceplans Start or Plus.

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