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THANK YOU for your recommendations!
You are now 2000 customers!✨

Published 28.03.2019 af Favo
THANK YOU for your recommendations!<br> You are now 2000 customers!✨

We have reached it! 2000 customers! 🎊 We would like to take this opportunity and THANK YOU, our customers, who besides choosing our information screen software, also recommend it so generously to others!

Thank you for your trust and cooperation! 🤗

From when we launched our product, 9 years ago, the majority of our customers have come after being recommended from someone who was already a customer. We think this is the absolut best way to get a customer, and we know that we would not be where we are today, if it weren’t for you! So a BIG thank you for your trust, and for great cooperation!

2000 customers, with room for many more 🤩

In December 2015 we reached 1000 customers, and now, just over 3 years later, we have reached another 1000! 🎉 While we think it is amazing that the curve goes steeper upwards, we are even more happy with the positive feedback that we receive from our individual customers, about how our information screen software works for them. It motivates us to continue our development of a great software, together with our continued support and help so that our customers can use the product in the best possible way! ✨

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