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Public screens on oil platforms

Published 19.03.2019 by Favo

Oil platform Askepott Image-credit: Erlend Hatteberg / Equinor

- We are very happy! It is easy to use and quick to update. Everyone gets informed, because everyone sees the public screens! Kristian Enoksen can sit in his office in Bergen or be travelling anywhere, and can update the public screens at the oil-rigs Askepott and Askeladden in the Northern Sea. 😎🌊

- It was so easy to get started!

Bjørn Thomas Westlund and Kristian Enoksen

Location representative Bjørn Thomas Westlund together with Kristian Enoksen when he visited the rig.

Kristian used to prepare an information-sheet once a week. This he would e-mail to a colleague at the rig, and he would print it, take away the old sheet and hang the new one. They decided to look for a new solution for this, did a search online and found our digital signage solution there. – It was so easy to get started with everything, both the software and the mobile app, PinToMind Go, tells Kristian Enoksen, leader of the Modu-club, KCA Deutag which is connected to the union, Industry Energy.

Updating is quickly done ✔️

As soon as there is something to update about, Kristian adds a few sentences and publishes it to the screen, and he can easily schedule the posts so that they will not be displayed when they no longer are relevant.

When it is so easy to use the system, one can very easily update directly with totally fresh news. Kristian Enoksen, leader of the Modu-club, IE

Push-notifications on phones for important messages

– The app, PinToMind Go, is of great help. People work for 2 weeks, and then they are off for 4 weeks. With the Go-app, they can receive important information via their mobile phones also when they are not near the public screens. When I publish something I know everyone is interested in, I send a push-notification about this, and then people go in and check what else is there as well, says Kristian.

Information is updated automatically 💫

Posts that retrieve their content from Facebook and news are very convenient, considering that they update themselves automatically and one does not have to add the same information several places and bother with cutting and pasting and so on. - In such posts, you just add a link, and the job is done!

Everyone sees the public screen

Kristian tells about very positive feedback from those who work out on the oil-rigs.

It is an extremely good way to catch people's attention. Everyone sees the public screen!

– We are different unions out on these rigs, but now everyone is updated on our information, because we have public screens. We have even had people come and ask us to “rent screen-space” from us to get their information out! 😉

Well travelled information screen 🖥🛫🌍

– I have recommended PinToMind* to many others who work with oil-rigs, and just talked with someone who had travelled to Asia for the sole purpose of bringing a public screen to a rig there. After getting the screen up and going, he returned home, where he can sit at the office and update the information down there, Kristian tells excitedly.

Everyone I recommend this to, say that they have to have this! Kristian Enoksen, leader of the Modu-club, IE

*PinToMind is called Infoskjermen in Norway.

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