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Volunteer - full functionality - lower price!

Published 20.02.2019 by Favo
Volunteer - full functionality - lower price!

We offer full functionality and lower price for volunteers! Sportsclubs, congregations, scouts and others can use our Volunteer price plan. Lower price and full functionality - including PinToMind Go!

Lower price and full functionality

We lower the price for volunteers to use public screens! In addition, volunteers get access to all functionality - including PinToMind Go. The price for volunteers is now only € 125 per screen per year.

Who can use the Volunteer price plan?

In order to qualify to use the Volunteer price plan, your organization must do volunteer work on a non-profit basis, for the most part it must be funded by gifts and donations, and not have a commersial purpose. Enterprices owned by an organization that meets these requirements, can also qualify.

PinToMind originally started as a product for educational institutions. Thus, all our prices are customed for schools and education, and these do not qualify for additional discount (Volunteer).

Contact us if you have questions or wonder if you are qualified.

Get started! Free trial - or contact us to change your account

Start a free trial, and contact us at support@pintomind.com to get your account opened for Volunteer!

If you already have an account, you can contact us and tell us why your organization qualifies!

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