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Lower price for Flexi, - and launching of Large

Published 18.02.2019 af Favo
Lower price for Flexi, - and launching of Large

We are lowering the price of Flexi from € 160 to € 135 pr. screen / year. From the next invoice, the bill will be lower - without the customer having to do anything!

See our new prices - find a price plan that fits for you

Flexi is most wide spread in municipalities and large corporations with several branches, and those will save the most on the reorganization of the price plans.

Flexi gives best price and functionality for large customers

We believe in small accounts with local ownership and engagement, - and are now making this a priority in our price plans! A Flexi-agreement is the best alternative for municipalities and larger companies that benefit from having their screens and users on different accounts. Smaller accounts can enjoy the benefits of the group-agreement, and get access to all features and lowest price already from the first screen.

The organization and structure becomes better by all deparments and units owning their own account. Flexi helps you get going easily - see more information about Flexi.

Pro is replaced by Large

Large is for those who have 6 or more screens on one account. It gives access to all features, and unlimited number of users. The price for Large starts at € 810 / year for 6 screens, and increases with € 135 pr. screen the customer wants to add.

Pro expires as a price plan, but existing Pro-customers get to keep the price for the amount of screens they have today. If they later want to upgrade, they pay the new price for the screens they add.

Smaller Pro-accounts that save on changing to Large, can do this by logging in to their account and changing to Large. We will be happy to help!

Change price plan? We can help!

You can change between the price plans whenever you want to - see information about this on our help pages. Please contact us, if you have questions or want any help with this!

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