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Increase attention towards your public screens

Published 14.02.2019 by Favo
Increase attention towards your public screens

Do you display varied content on your public screens? If you make use of different types of posts and change the layout and look of your public screens from time to time, this will increase the attention they get.

Add different types of posts to your screen

Included in the subscription to pintomind, you get access to all of our different types of posts. Everything is ready for you to just fill them with the content of your choice and add them to your public screen. Use them creatively! :-)

Add a time-counter

Instead of a regular post with text announcing a trip next Friday, - how about creating a time-counter where you count down how many days are left before the trip? It is fun to watch a time-counter and look forward to something together. Photos and videos also add life and good atmosphere around the screen, so if you don't already have some of those, it would be worth adding some.

Change the look of the public screen

Change the background image or wallpaper according to the season and what you are focusing on at the time. When the screen looks different, people will pay more attention to it. You can also vary a bit if you want to use the sidebar and footer all the time, or if you sometimes want to include all of your posts in the main window.

Good luck with you public screens!

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