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Opening for signal-splitter in certain cases

Published 28.01.2019 by Favo

We are now opening for use of a signal-splitter in certain cases where one has the screens located close together. This can for example be at information desks where one want to display the same information on several screens near each other.


Price-plans and counting of screens

Our price-plans say how many physical screens that can display content from PinToMind at the same time. Each individual screen is counted, even if it uses the same screen-address as other screens, or is connected to the same display with a signal-splitter.

We are now loosening up a bit when it comes to signal-splitters in certain cases, and are opening up for the use of signal-splitters for up to 3 screens where the screens are placed no more than 5 meters from each other.

We think this will be useful for those who want to achieve a special effect by displaying several screens, having visibility from different angles or individual displays.

Some examples

Only for signal-splitter, and only for 3 screens with max 5 meters distance

For us to be able to keep up our prices for all our customers, the numbers of 3 screens and 5 meters are unalterable, and this is only when we are talking about a physcial signal-splitter on a screen-cable. This does not open for displaying the same screen (screen-address) on several screens, even if the distance between the screens is less than 5 meters.

We hope this change will give existing and new customers more possibilities for visibility and information flow.

Our new support-pages are also updated with information about this. See signal-splitter and how to count screens.

If you need an extra screen, you find our suggestions for hardware here.

If you have questions regarding this or other things regarding pintomind, please contact us at support@pintomind.com!

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