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Detailed notifications in PinToMind Go!

Published 22.01.2019 af Favo

Push-notifications in our mobile app, PinToMind Go, just got a lot better! Now the users of the app will get more details regarding what is new, already in the notification itself. And then they can click from the notification and straight to the new content in PinToMind Go.

Detailed notifications in PinToMind Go

Detailed notification

The difference from earlier, is that one now can send out the actual text and image from the post, instead of just sending a message that something new is published. This way the users will be informed about what is updated on the public screen, already when they see the notification from Go on their phone.

Go directly to screen or post

When you open the notification, you can choose between two possibilites: “Go to screen” which takes you to the screen where the post was added, or “Go to post” which takes to directly to the new screen.

Not for all post-types

Push-notifications are only available for suitable post-types. This is to prevent confusion regarding for example calendar- or Facebook-posts, where one might expect a notification whenever something new is added to the calendar or Facebook-page. The possibility to send a push-notification is now available in text-posts, image-posts (incl. image online), text&image-posts and YouTube-posts.

End of beta

The rather long beta-period is coming to an end. The date is set for March 1st 2019 for PinToMind Go to go out of beta.

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