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New support pages - with search! 🔍

Published 19.12.2018 af Favo

Not only is our software solution for Digital Signage easy to use, our new support pages are also very easy to navigate, and you can access them from anywhere! 👌 Choose what suits you best; have a look at the different categories in support articles, or search directly for what you are looking for, in the search field!

New support pages - with search!

Search for what you are looking for

Perhaps you want to know more about the calendar post? Easy, just search for “calendar”! 😄

New support pages - with search!

Or maybe you need information about how to start displaying your screen online.

New support pages - with search!

When searching, you will automatically be served a range of articles, matching what you have searched for.

Perfect for both new customers and those familiar with PinToMind

The support pages are super for new users, with the need of getting to know the product. 👌But it is also perfect for those of you who have used our product for a long time, it gives you a great overview of the possibilities and features available, and how easy it is for you to apply them! ✌️

Available from anywhere - even from app.pintomind.com!

New support pages - with search! If you visit our web page, you get access to the support pages from the icon in the lower right corner, where you can either read suggested support articles, or search for the information you are looking for.

What is really new, is that you can also get access directly from the admin pages at app.pintomind.com! If a question arises during administration of the screen content, you can click the question mark in the lower right corner, and get access to our support pages! 😍

Gives an overview and is divided into different categories

New support pages - with search! When you open the support pages, you get a direct overview of what is available. Our goal has been a minimum number of clicks to find the information that you are looking for. The search field is great for this, but if you choose to view the different categories, for example the category Post-types, you can find all the differens post types available, and from there choose the post type that you are interested in finding out more about.

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