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Push-notifications for PinToMind Go

Published 28.05.2018 af Favo
Push-notifications for PinToMind Go

The phone app “PinToMind Go” is being used more and more, and now you can also use push-notifications when you publish something new on your screens! You decide whether or not you want to use this, when you create the post, and the users of the app can also themselves decide whether or not they want to receive these notifications.

Let people know when there is new information

What is so convenient with Go, is that the content is available also for people who are not right where the public screen is, - and now with push-notifications you also get to let them know when they should go in and check for new and updated information!

You decide whether to send a notification or not

When you create the post, you can select if you want to send a push-notifications to those who have subscribed in PinToMind Go for the screen the post will be published on. If people have subscribed for more than one screen, they will still only get one notification per post.

Open for receiving push-notifications in your phone-settings

On your own phone-settings, you decide whether or not to receive these notifications. You can read more about this on our support-pages.

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