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Say it with emojis 👊

Published 19.01.2018 af Favo

We communicate to an increasing degree with various types of smilies. 😂 😩 😇 This you can now also do very much of in our “text&image”-post on PinToMind. 👍 It does not demand much at all, but can mean a lot! 😍 Have a lovely day, eveyone!!

Communicate with emojis 🎯

These days, with such a widespread use of social media etc., smilies and emojis of various kinds have become part of our language and quite a large part of how we communicate in writing. 🙈 😉

Text and image 👌

In our “text&image”-post we have the whole time been able to use some emojis as part of the text, and now we have increased our support of this and added many more variants of emojis that can be used here. :clap: These can be used both in the title and in the text itself. You can decide if you want to use them directly from our list in the post, from your own keyboard or via written codes. We will adjust them so they will be able to be displayed on all devices. 🎊

It demands so little, and can mean so much 🙌

The possibilities here are endless! Make a birthday-greeting with balloon and birthday cake! 🎈 🎂 Welcome people with flowers! 💐 Creating such a post, can take about a minute, but it can mean a lot to those who see them. 💫 Why not log in and create a post now? You can do it straight from your phone, if you want to! 📱 😎

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