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- Solely positive experiences

Published 05.12.2017 by Favo
- Solely positive experiences

Assistant Principal Andreas Mauritzson Daun has experience with PinToMind from Observatorielunden’s School. When he now begins an employment at a new school, he brings PinToMind along. When the product was first created, it was made for use in schools, and many schools in Norway have been using this for years. Several Swedish schools are now starting to use PinToMind as well for their digital bulletin boards.

Created for Schools

Assistant Principal Andreas Mauritzson Daun PinToMind offers a simple and user friendly communication tool for schools and other work places. The fact is that PinToMind’s Norwegian mother - Infoskjermen.no - was created exactly for that, a school, and it worked so well that it was introduced to other schools, and on and on it went!

My experience with PinToMind is solely positive. Always friendly and helpful support with quick and clear answers when help has been needed. The administration of the information flow on different screens is very smooth and simple. Assistant principal Andreas Mauritzson Daun

Used in More and More Schools

Now schools in Sweden have also started noticing the benefits of a clear and user friendly digital bulletin board solution, which of course makes us at PinToMind very happy. :-)

User Friendly System to Clarify Information

Andreas Mauritszon Daun, then School coordinator at Observatorielunden’s School, was looking for a clear and user friendly system to help information flow at his school, and found PinToMind. Andreas says that he really likes PinToMind’s nice and professional layouts, which welcomes students, staff and visitors, at the same time as it provides these with relevant information.

PinToMind - an Obvious Choice

Andreas continues by stating that PinToMind gets to come along with him when he has now started working as an Assistant Principal at another school; - PinToMind is for me an obvious choice, also at my new work place. In an easy way, one gets quickly started with a nice and clear information screen which welcomes and keeps people updated with relevant information.

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