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Finally Instagram with hashtags on PinToMind

Published 25.09.2017 by Favo
The text on this page is no longer updated.

Finally Instagram with hashtags on PinToMind

Hurray! Once again it is possible to display images connected to hashtags in the Instagram-post on PinToMind. When you create the post, you decide which hashtag you want to display images with, and then the images will be updated automatically on the public screen. Just awesome! 🎉

Finally! 😅

For a long time we have been limited to only display images from our own Instagram-user on the public screen. It has been a relatively long process to get permission from Instagram to again display images connected to hashtags, and in this way be able to display images from other users who do not have a privat account. It feels like a victory to have this in place again, and we know that quite a few of our customers have waited for this as well!

A fresh breath that gets updated automatically

This becomes yet another post that updates itself automatically, and helps provide regular new content on the screen. It can be a good thing to display varied content on the public screen, and the images from Instagram often come as a fresh breath in the midst of somewhat more serious posts.

Try it yourself now!

Go to “New post” in the upper right corner when you are logged in at, and select “Instagram”. After authenticating your post, you decide which hashtag you want to display images with. Decide whether the post is to be displayed in the main area of the screen or in the sidebar, and select which screens it is to be published on. It is a good idea to preview before you save it.
How easy was that?! Feel free to add more posts with different hashtags, and have fun! 🎊

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