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Motivate to activity with Strava on PinToMind

Published 23.05.2017 by Favo
The text on this page is no longer updated.

Motivate to activity with Strava on PinToMind

Both biking- and running-season has started, and a healthy lifestyle is obviously something we want to encourage! You could use our Strava-post on your PinToMind screen to motivate people to be active!

Motivate people to be active

We all know that getting out for some physical activity and fresh air has all kinds of positive effects. If you display the Strava-post on your public screen, this can help motivate and remind people that this is something they also would like to take part in.

Make it a project together!

How about creating a club for your firm? If you have both bikers and runners, it could be a good idea to have two clubs, as those on bikes put the kilometers behind them quite a bit easier than those on their feet. You could have a common goal for a distance that your club should complete together within a certain time, and watch on the screen how you are getting closer and who are helping your team reach your goal.

Display different statistics in the post

In the post you can display both distance, time and meters climbed, - and you can decide which of these you would like to put the focus on in your display on the public screen. Feel free to read more about our Strava-post on our support-pages.

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