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Give the screen new life with Asus Chromebit

Published 24.11.2016 by Favo
The text on this page is no longer updated.

Give the screen new life with Asus Chromebit

Do you have a screen, but lack a PC for it? Or do you have a screen with Windows XP? Asus Chromebit is a small PC which can give new life to old screens. We have made our own player-app for Chromebit!

New life for old screens

Do you have an old screen or a TV which is not being used? You can use it for a public screen! Or do you have an old public screen which needs to be renewed? Chromebit is a cheap and simple solution to blow new life in old screens! It is both economical and friendly to the environment!

Chrome OS

We have tried various types of PC-sticks earlier, this is the first with Chrome OS. It was something we had to get used to in the beginning, but this is a PC which is made to display webpages - something which works perfecty for us! The sound of the fan is gone, as are windows-updates and bundled software, - it leaves you feeling good!

The experience is that it is stronger and more suitable for displaying public screens than other PC-sticks, but this one will also struggle with video or too many images. Another minus is that it cannot be controlled remotely by for example TeamViewer - if you are dependent on this, Asus PC Stick QM1 can be a good alternative.


In order for the Chromebit to start automatically displaying the public screen in fullscreen, we have made a PinToMind player-app for Chrome OS. The appen can be installed like a kiosk app which starts automatically when the Chromebit is started, and you decide which screen to display by entering the screen-code when you install it.

You can read more about the player-app at Chrome nettmarket, and you will find more information about the player and how to order and install Chromebit at our help-pages.



Replace Windows XP

If you have a public screen with Windows XP, Chromebit with our player-app is a good upgrade! For a cheap price and a little installation job, you can continue to use your old screen!

Microsoft discontinued the customer support for Windows XP in 2014, and from April 2016, Google also discontinued updates of Chrome on these. It is still possible to use them, but they can be a security risk and you will get warnings which can disturb the display of the public screen.
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