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Display your Instagram-images - again

Published 30.09.2016 by Favo
Display your Instagram-images - again

Instagram is back on the public screens! We have published a possibility to make posts where you displays your own images from Instagram.

Display your own images

You can display images from your own Instagram-user on your public screen. If you have several Instagram-accounts, you can log in and dislay images in several posts. The images will be updated automatically on the public screen, when you publish them to Instagram.

Focus on the newest image

The new display focuses on the most recent image that has been published, and displays thumbnails of older images. Hope you will like it!

Continuing to work on this

Instagram-posts have for a period been on “break” from us because of stricter rules from Instagram. The rules are especially strict concerning displaying images other than the ones the user himself has published. So far we have not received a permit for dispalying ‘public images’ on public screens, like search for hashtags, but we have not given up yet. This is something we are continuing to work on!

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