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Text & image - our new default post

Published 23.08.2016 by Favo
Text & image - our new default post

It has never been easier to add an image and a few words! “Text and image” is our new default post! Add a nice image, select that it is to be displayed only today, and you are done! You do not need to think of it any more, and can move on with your day already!

Never been easier

Pull the image into the browser, write your message, select when and where the image is to be displayed - and that’s it! Or you can use the menu to add a new “text & image”-post.

Feel free to use emojis, adjust boldness and text-size, add tables and lists etc. We have also added an optional photo-crediting on the image itself.

You can read more about the “technical” possibilities on our help-pages.

Paste from clip-board

You can easily use screenshots or images you clicked “copy” on from the internet. Click on the image-field, and click CTRL + v ( + v if you are using Mac), and the image will be pasted to your post. From some programs, you can in the same way paste in other elements, like part of an Excel-sheet, and display this as an image in your post.

Requested by many - now it is in place

This new post-type has been requested by many. “Is it possible to add an image to a text-post?”, has been a normal question when we have asked for experiences with pintomind.com. Thank you for tips and ideas - it is especially nice to present something new when we know that someone needs it!

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