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Published 03.06.2016 by Favo
The text on this page is no longer updated.
You find updated information here.


New policies from Instagram means we have to put the updating of images from this service on pause. It is not possible to add new posts, and old posts will only display images that were published before May 31st 2016.

Stricter policies - we are looking for possibilites

Instagram has introduced stricter guidelines for how images from the service can be used. The basic rule is that images are owned by whoever published the image, and that one must have explicit permission from the user to display it.

Certain exceptions exist for images published from open users, and we are looking for opportunities to display these. How, and how quickly we possibly can do this, we unfortunately do not know.

Check which ones are relevant for you

Old posts with Instagram images will continue to scroll, but will not be updated.

If you want to see which posts these are for you, and possibly unpublish them, you can click here to get a list of the Instagram-posts on your account.

Can we help you?

We apologize that we cannot display Instagram like before. This is important both for us and for our customers, - and we are working on it! If you have been in contact with us regarding this, we have made a note of your name and will contact you when there are news here.

Please contact if you have questions or if there is anything we can help with.

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