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Stick-PC with Windows from Asus

Published 23.05.2016 by Favo
The text on this page is no longer updated.

Stick-PC with Windows from Asus

«Asus PC Stick QM1» is a challenger to «Intel Compute Stick», which we have testet earlier. The differences are minimal, but we experience Asus as slightly stronger.

Old TV becomes modern public screen

Asus QM1 is easy to place behind an old TV or screen - and voila, you have a modern public screen. You only need to connect an HDMI cable, power and keyboard/mouse (purchased separately). Asus QM1 has built-in WiFi and comes with Windows 10 Home.

This one also struggles with heavy loads

Regarding Intel's stick we wrote that it struggles in the uphills. This is also true for Asus QM1, even if it feels like it copes a bit better than Intel Compute Stick in the heaviest hills.

2GB of internal memory is little when running heavy content on public screens, eg. video or many images and albums. But for regular public screen use it works well; news, single images, messages, calendar etc. scrolls and works like it should.


The price is about the same as for the Intel Compute Stick. Probably not a long term solution, but interesting if you want something cheap to get started, or if you want to prolong the lifetime of a screen you already have.

If you do not have a screen already, we recommend that you read aboutHvis du ikke har skjerm fra før vil vi anbefale at du leser om Samsung's screens with built-in browser, where you unlike Asus QM1 among other things can set the machine to turn off and on automatically.

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