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Text + Image = ready for testing

Published 10.02.2016 by Favo
Text + Image = ready for testing

Now you can test our new post-type “Text & Image”! Welcome-greetings, congratulations or information become more enjoyable to read when there is an image connected to it. And maybe you also want to add a smiley?

Try it yourself

When you are signed in, you get information about testing this new post-type on the startpage. You also find a link for how to get started with your first “Text & Image”-post.

Sign in and try it yourself or create free trial


In “Text & Image” you can also use smileys! Just add the code for the smiley you want to display in the text.

For instance [kolon]smiley[kolon] will be displayed as 😃 and [kolon]ghost[kolon] will be displayed as 👻.

Overview over smileys, and their codes, you can find on thie page (not all of them have support yet).

Questions or comments? Please contact us on!

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