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Text + Image = ready for testing

Published 10.02.2016 by Favo

Now you can test our new post-type "Text & Image"! Welcome-greetings, congratulations or information become more enjoyable to read when there is an image connected to it. And maybe you also want to add a smiley?

Try it yourself

When you are signed in, you get information about testing this new post-type on the startpage. You also find a link for how to get started with your first "Text & Image"-post.

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In "Text & Image" you can also use smileys! Just add the code for the smiley you want to display in the text.

For instance :smiley: will be displayed as smiley and :ghost: will be displayed as smiley.

Overview over smileys, and their codes, you can find on thie page (not all of them have support yet).

Questions or comments? Please contact us on!

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