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Display Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

Published 04.09.2015 by Favo
Display Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

Now you can display images and news from Facebook-pages, in addition to Instagram and Twitter.

Social media is often most updated

For many of us, the social meda are the most updated newschannels. That's why you should also display them! The public screens retrieves new content automatically, at the same time as you advertise for where people can follow you.

Search for page-names on Facebook, or tags or usernames on Instagram or Twitter. The system retrieves and automatically updates the content to the screens.

There is no extra cost connected to displaying social media on your public screens. When you are using V8, you are ready. Both V8 and social media posts are included in our regular, low prices!

Replaces RSS from Facebook and Twitter

Earlier some people have retrieved content from Facebook and Twitter through RSS. Facebook and Twitter have stopped supporting this - and the content is now retrieved through integration with the services.

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