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Get started easily with Samsung-screens

Published 10.08.2015 by Favo
Get started easily with Samsung-screens

We are excited about the new DB-E-screens from Samsung! The screens have a built-in browser, are not expensive, are designed to be used 16/7 - and not the least - they are very easy to use.

We buy these ourselves

When we buy screens, we buy Samsung's DB-E-series. Together with a wall-mount it covers the need for most of us. The DB-E-series is made to work 16 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Built-in player

The screens have built-in players, and we like how easy it is to get started. We have over a long period of time tested and adjusted our system towards Samsung-screens with a built-in player, and we like the development.

This screen-type has third generation built-in browsers (SSSP3). A guide helps you through network-selection and setup. Add the address for your screen, and you are started in a matter of minutes.

Still potential for improvement

These screens are for the time being the absolutely easiest way to get started with PinToMind, but the built-in player is not as powerful as a regular PC. If it is not strong enough for your usage, you can use a set-back-box adjusted to the screens as a supplement, or a regular PC, if you prefer that.

Several sizes

You are free to buy your screen wherever you wish, and most retailers have this on their shelves. Here you find information about the screens on Samsung's webpages:

Samsung also has screens in other sizes that have built-in player (Samsung's SMART Signage Platform - SSSP).

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