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Select Fahrenheit or Celsius

Published 10.07.2015 by Favo
Select Fahrenheit or Celsius

Choose if you want to display weather forecast in Fahrenheit or Celsius degrees. Enhanced Drilling has public screens in several different locations in the world, among them Houston, and they gave us the idea of giving the option of choosing to display weather forecast in Fahrenheit degrees.

Quick and easy

When you create or edit your weather forecast, you now have the option to select to display in Fahreinheit or Celsius degrees. To get this option, you have to update all your screens on your account to V8 (there is no extra cost involved).

Enhanced Drilling

Enhanced Drilling, headquartered at Straume outside Bergen, Norway, supplies innovative technical solutions and services to the global offshore industry. One of their offices is located in Houston, and the request to display temperatures in Fahrenheit came from there.

Thanks to Enhanced Drilling for helping us develop PinToMind one step further!

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