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Option for vertical screen display

Published 10.06.2015 by Favo
Option for vertical screen display

Now you can display your public screen content on a screen that is mounted vertically! This is ideal if you need to display posters or menus, or if there is not enough space for a horizontally mounted screen.

A lot of attention to the main post

On a vertically mounted screen, much attention is given to the main post. If you use the footer, it will be adjusted to make room for the clock and optionally your logo under the post that is displayed there. Naturally, there is no space for a sidebar on a vertical screen.

- Yes, we can do vertical screen display!

We have several times been asked if it is possible to display our screen content on a screen mounted vertically, and now we rejoice over being able to answer yes to this question! Thanks for great tips and ideas that make our product even better!

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