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Several posts simultaneously in the sidebar

Published 02.06.2015 by Favo
Several posts simultaneously in the sidebar

You can display several posts simultaneously in the sidebar on our screens. The top post will be displayed constantly, which is perfect for messages that everyone needs to see.

Display more information

With the possibility for more than one post at the same time in the sidebar, this enables you to display more information on your public screen. You do not want too many posts that are scrolling through, as you would like for people to be able to see the important information you want to get out. Therefore it is great that you can display so much at the same time!


To be able to have a post that is constantly displayed at the top of the sidebar, is perfect for an important message that everyone needs to see, for example a message about a change at the last minute. At times when you do not have a message like this, this could be a great place for a welcome-message.

The weather forecast does not dominate

The sidebar is a good spot for the weather forecast, and this is content that many people are interested in. In our sidebar, you can display the weather forecast at the same time as you display other messages, - you will get the information out without having to use the whole area for this. You can for instance display the weather forecast on top and news underneath it.

Some exceptions

We have to take into consideration that certain combinations will not look good on the screen. If you would have a news-post on top, where the length of the news will differ, the post underneath it would also keep going up and down. Due to this, one cannot have the news-post on top, if one wants to display more than one post simultaneously in the sidebar. The same is true for images.

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