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Public screens with personality

Published 22.05.2015 by Favo
Public screens with personality

Your public screens are your own screens, and they should reflect your work place or your school, - who you are. With PinToMind it is very easy to add your own personal touch to your screens. Upload your own logo, select a background colour which supports your logo, and add information that interests you.

Your logo on the screen's tall footer

Your logo looks great on the tall footer. If the logo has white background, it is important to also keep the footer white. You decide if you want to add decor to the top of the footer or not.

Coloured wallpaper - an exciting alternative

In addition to background images, there is a rainbow of colours to choose between as wallpaper for your public screen. Select a colour that goes well with your logo. The colour provides a tidy look for your screen, focuses on the content and supports the logo.

Content that reflects who you are

Your screen should be different than other screens, - it should reflect that it belongs to you! In addition to local weather forecast, display local news and content from social media that interests you in particular. These posts will update themselves, and be a good combination to the other messages and updates you add to your screen.

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