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SETT in Sweden

Published 22.04.2015 by Favo
SETT in Sweden

Last week our team had a booth at the SETT exhibition (Scandinavian Educational Technology Transformation) in Stockholm. We were very happy to notice the interest there was for our product. In addition to new trial accounts, we loved the fact that the organizers of the exhibition used our system on their large information screens.

Want to get into the Swedish market

We rejoice over the fact that so many Norwegian schools use and enjoy our product, and would like to get in contact also with Swedish schools.

Really nice that the organizers used our digital signage system

We were at Skolforum in Stockholm in October last year, but this was the first time we had a booth at SETT. This made it especially nice that the organizers decided to use our system on their big screens spread around the exhibition area.

People were very interested in our product

There were altogether 10 500 visitors at SETT spread on the three days it lasted, and we were able to speak with many about our digital signage system. We were very happy with the interest we were met with at this exhibition. Many expressed that this was just what they were looking for, and there were a good amount of new trial accounts made.


In Norway our digital signage is called, while outside of Norway we call it PinToMind, even if the system itself is the same, - the same simple and efficient set-up, the same user-friendliness. It is exciting for us to at the same time as we feel well established after five good years in Norway, also be at the beginning of something new with great potential. We are excited! :-)

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