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Morning quiz on the public screen

Published 18.03.2015 by Favo
Morning quiz on the public screen

Jan Fredrik Dahl from Nesbru upper secondary school in Norway, uses the school's public screen creatively. He adds quiz questions that are displayed before school starts in the morning, and the students answer via SMS. Quiz and prizes add some fun and excitement to the everyday day life!

Question with multiple-choice answer

The pupils at the school are met in the morning by a quiz question on the public screen. Jan Fredrik Dahl tells that he normally uses an image with a suitable question, and then a multiple choice answer. The question can be: Who is this? What type of dog is this? What type of car is this?

Scheduled posts

The quiz questions are put in a post scheduled to be displayed from early morning until two minutes before school starts, and after this point it is too late to submit an answer. In this way the pupils are encouraged to get to school early. Later a new (and very similar) scheduled post is displayed with the answer marked on it.

Varied themes

- It is important to vary the theme of the questions, says Dahl, - the girls are most active in answering, but as soon as the theme is cars, the boys become more engaged. - It is also important that the question is not too difficult, he adds.

Prizes can be food in the cafeteria

The prizes do not have to be particularly big. Dahl tells us that he normally uses food and drinks in the cafeteria as prizes, and he also lets us know that he tries to make sure that it is not the same person who wins all the time.

Spices up the everyday life

We like that this encourages curiosity and engagement among the pupils. It spreads general knowledge, and a competition can certainly add spice to everyday life. PinToMind makes this all very easy with the use of scheduled posts that one can add in advance.

Illustrative image from Etterstad upper secondary school

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