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Public screens with automatic updates

Published 12.03.2015 af Favo
Public screens with automatic updates

Retrieve information from different systems, and you will always have updated and relevant public screens. News, calendars, reports and weather can easily be retrieved and displayed automatically on your screens.


By using RSS, your screen will automatically receive updated information from the sites that you have chosen to display news from. Retrieve news from webpages that have information about what is going on in your business, and your screen will continually be updated with relevant information.


Let your public screen update itself automatically by adding calendar-posts, subscribed to ics feeds. You can for instance display an overview of what is going on in the various conference rooms on that particular day.

Graphs and reports

If you save graphs or reports as images in for instance Dropbox, you can easily add these to your public screens. You can for example save a sales- or production-report as an image in Excel in Dropbox, and then display this as an "image online".

The weather

Who is not interested in the weather forecast? This type of post is always relevant. PinToMind provides you with an updated weather forecast for the location of your choice, and you decide how detailed you want it to be.

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