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Let your pupils add posts to your public screens

Published 03.03.2015 af Favo
Let your pupils add posts to your public screens

Why not let your pupils contribute and influence the content on your public screen? The schools public screen will then reflect just what it is: ​The schools public screen!​

An alternative to the school paper

As an alternative to the school paper, one can add news and posts to the public screen. Let the pupils work with creative posts which can be relevant for the pupils and staff of the school, - and publish these on your screen!

Develop digital skills

It is important for the pupils to develop digital skills, - and why not utilize your public screen in this regard? This will provide opportunities to work with composite texts, where script, sound and images are combined. The pupils can for example create posts that advertise for the food in the cafeteria or the homework help the school provides.

Schedule your posts

If you do not want these types of posts to dominate too much, you can designate one or two days a week where these posts are displayed, which will make them special too. It is easy to schedule the posts to be displayed only on certain days, og only on certain public screens.

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