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Internal communication - across national borders

Published 09.02.2015 af Favo
Internal communication - across national borders

Companies with offices in different areas of the world can be greatly helped by using PinToMind. Zenitel, an international provider of communication- and security systems have their public screens spread between Norway, Denmark, Finland, Singapore, Croatia, USA and the Caribbean.

- Helps to provide sense of belonging and to stand together

Zenitel has offices in many different countries, with their main office in Norway.

We want all of our employees to feel a sense of belonging to Zenitel and to their colleagues in other countries.

- We want all of our employees to feel a sense of belonging to Zenitel and to their colleagues in other countries, says an active communications coordinator Marte Helene Tollefsen. - The long distances between the offices make the internal communication extra important for us to be able to stand together as an organization. Public screens in the common areas of the offices is one of the tools we are using to achieve this, she continues.

- Global and local content on the screens

- We have one public screen in each of our local offices, where we display both local information and global announcements from the main office. This assures local anchoring, at the same time as we can spread a message about the values of the company and other information globally, tells Tollefsen.

Perfectly complementing intranet

The public screens are utilized to share values and goals. This helps the company reach business goals, and to function well socially.

The public screens are a great way to spread messages and information to the employees quickly and efficiently.

Tollefsen thinks the public screens perfectly complements intranet. - Even if all the employees have intranet as the homepage when they open their browser, they can more easily ignore the information there than on a public screen, she says.

- Important with variation and relevance

- A steady flow of formal and informal information, that the posts do not stay on for too long and that the screens look good, ensures that people pay attention to them. In addition, photos from a conference or a social gathering are always an eye opener, she concludes.

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