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Everything to gain at testing PinToMind!

Published 27.01.2015 by Favo
Everything to gain at testing PinToMind!

We offer everyone to test our digital signage system free and with no commitment for 30 days. During this test-period, you receive access to full functionality, and can really get to know the product. Considering that you do not commit to anything at all, you have everything to gain at this!

Test PinToMind for free and without obligation

We think it is important to let you test our product before you commit to using it. If you find this to be helpful for your school or company, it is nice that the cooperation already is up and going. If this is not the case, - you can quit whenever you would like to.

Full functionality

As soon as you start a trial-account with PinToMind, you receive access to full functionality. Trial-account-users have the exact same version as paying customers do, and get to test "the real thing".

Why choose PinToMind?

Many of our customers say they chose PinToMind because the system is so easy to use, everything is online, the public screens look great and the customer service is good.

Why choose PinToMind? - Easy, professional and good looking, anyone can use it, good customer service and a reasonable price, is some of what our customers answer.

You can read more about reasons to choose us here.

No reason to wait

The opportunity to test PinToMind will not be "used up", and you do not have to wait for everything else to be ready. Get to know our system, add content now and everything will be ready once the screen is on the wall. If the process takes longer than expected, you can just ask for a prolonged test-period.

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