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Scheduling of posts

Published 13.01.2015 af Favo
Scheduling of posts

We in the pintomind-team strive to make the updating and management of digital signage as easy, efficient and orderly as possible. Many of those who use our solution find great help in taking advantage of the possibility to schedule the timing for when posts will be displayed.

Select a schedule for display as you create a post

When you create a post, you decide if you want it to be displayed all the time or only today, only tomorrow, for the next three days - or for a specific period that you add. You can for instance make a schedule for posts to be displayed only during the weekends, and another one for posts to be displayed only during the weeks. If you have something you would like to display only on Mondays, go ahead and make a schedule for that too! Make your digital signage your own - custom made to fit your needs!

Prepare birthday-posts ahead of time

Imagine how convenient to have all the birthdays added in advance - scheduled to be displayed on the relevant date! This way you won't forget anyone! The same is true for other special days and dates that you know are coming. It is always helpful with what's done already! :-)

Works for all types of posts

This works well for all different types of posts, from images and videos to calendars, news and time counters. Also, - you can use scheduling of posts in all the different positions, - in the main window, the sidebar and in the footer.

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