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Update your public screen via iPhone or iPad

Published 08.12.2014 af Favo
Update your public screen via iPhone or iPad

Have you thought of the fact that you can use your iPhone and iPad to update your public screens? Here we explain how to add app.pintomind.com to your i-device, so that you are logged in and ready to start using it. Imagine being able to create an image-post straight from the phone you took the photo with! And, - how convenient to be able to do it from anywhere, anytime!

Add app.pintomind.com to your home-screen

First of all, open the browser, for example Safari, on your i-device. Go to app.pintomind.com, select that you want to be remembered, and log in. When you are at the start-page, you can select that you want to add this to your home-screen, and afterwards save the shortcut on your home-screen. This is done in practically no time, and you'll have our app only the push of a finger away, which makes it so easy to update your screens!

Upload images directly

Photos taken with your phone, for example, do not have to go via a computer or anything before uploading them to your information screen. Imagine what fun if you are outside for some type of joint activity, and when you come back inside again, the photos of this are already displayed on the screen! That is what you call fresh content! :-)

Update your information screen when you are not sitting at your desk

Another benefit of using your iPhone to update your screen, is that you always have it with you, and you are almost always connected to internet. If you are sitting around waiting or something, you can take advantage of the opportunity, and update your information screen, - that way you'll have more time for other things later. More flexibility, - more quality! :-)

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