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Secure your screen-content with IP-restrictions

Published 24.11.2014 by Favo
Secure your screen-content with IP-restrictions

Do you display content on your public screens that you don't want outsiders to get access to? With IP-restrictions you can make sure the screen-address (URL) for your screen-content will not be able to be opened other places than where you have allowed.

Add IP-addresses in the PinToMind-screen's settings

To add an IP-blocking, you go to the settings of the PinToMind-screen. You click on "security" and find IP-restrictions at the bottom of the page. Here you can add the IP-addresses for the physical screen(s) that you allow to display the content of your PinToMind-screen. If anyone attempts to open this screen-content on a screen with an IP-address that's not on your list, he will not be able to.

In addition, in order to open the screen-content for a screen you have created at, one has to know the exact screen-address (URL). If unautorized people should obtain this, it is easy for you to change your screen-address.

The history of your screen's display

Under screen-settings and IP-restrictions, you can also see which IP-addresses the physical screens have, which your screen's content has been displayed on, or is displaying on right now.

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