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Inform people who are not working at the same time

Published 19.11.2014 af Favo
Inform people who are not working at the same time

Information-flow and communication contribute towards a more positive environment and a simpler everyday life. Ensuring that everyone gets the same information can be extra challenging where people work shifts and rotation schemes. PinToMind will be happy to assist you with this!

Fantastic solution for a large staff working shifts

We received this feedback from one of our customers:

I think this is a wonderful solution to ensure the flow of information to a large staff who work shifts.

Public displays help you organize your information, and it becomes less random who is updated on what.

Select time of display in advance

It can be very convenient to add a lot of information in advance, and time the display so that it appears on the screen when relevant. The customer above continues like this:

PinToMind is very straightforward and easy to use. It is simple to add or edit messages and other information. And it is fantastic that one in advance can select the time and also the duration one wants the information displayed.

Make sure that a post is displayed long enough for all those who work the various shifts to see it. It is important for everyone to be updated on what is going on, and PinToMind wants to help you accomplish this.

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