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New possibilities with calendar-posts

Published 12.11.2014 by Favo
New possibilities with calendar-posts

What is happening today? Is the meeting-room available? What is for lunch? Does anyone have a birthday? Calendar-posts can be all kinds of things, and now we have made them even more flexible!

Retrieves automatically from Google, Outlook and many more

The pintomind-screens retrieves "what is happening" automatically. The only requirement is that the calendar is available as a subscription calendar in ics-format, which is available from Google, Outlook and many others. Events disappear from the screen automatically when their time is passed, and new events are retrieved continuously.

Display multiple calendars in the same post

Do you have a separate calendar for each meeting-room? You can merge multiple calendars in the same post, thus creating an overview of what is happening. If you have several calendars, you can give each calendar a color and "label", so that it is easy to see which calendar an event comes from.

Various calendar-posts

You can select different calendar-displays, and in addition adjust these for what you need. Below you find some tips for what you can use calendar-posts for.

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