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Influence and motivate on public screens!

Published 13.10.2014 by Favo
Influence and motivate on public screens!

Your public screens are yours - use them to your advantage! Add the information that is relevant for your business. Are you about to start a new project? Use your public screens actively!

Influence what is being talked about

You can influence what people talk about through the content you add to your public screens. Display pictures, news and information that has to do with the business you run, - and there will be more focus on this in the work environment.

Keep the staff informed

Even if everyone is not working actively with every part of the project, people often like to be informed. Let your public screens help you give the staff the feeling of being "in the inner circle", and know what is going on, also in other parts of the business than just where they have their daily focus and work.

Your unique public screen

We want to encourage everyone to make their public screens uniquely theirs. What makes the screen on the airport different than yours? Exactly, - you display information that is specifically relevant for your business on your screen!

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