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Look, that's me!

Published 12.09.2014 by Favo
Look, that's me!

Many children like to see pictures of themselves, so why not let them appear on the school's screens? It will often have both an encouraging and a bonding effect to post photos from shared experiences, trips or simply from the every day life at school.

Children love to see photos of themselves

- Children love to see photos of themselves on the screens, tells Jan Åge Pentha at Uranienborg skole in Oslo, Norway.

Popular posts

Image-posts may be among the most popular posts on the screens. There could be a whole group of kids standing and waiting for the other posts to go through, so that the photos will be back again. Because, -Look! That's me up there!! To find a picture of oneself on the screen, is a way to experience to be "seen", not only literally. :-)

Big and small experiences

It is fun to have photos from shared trips and outings, and in that way prolong the positive effects. Everyone gets to enjoy the good memories together. But one doesn't always have to wait for the big excursions, before grabbing the camera. What about taking some pictures on a normal day at school, in the classroom and out in the schoolyard?

Be including

Try to avoid that the same children appear on the screens again and again, while others never find themselves there. It can be a good idea to have some of the photos include many kids, for example a choir or a ballgame or something like that.

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