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Publish and un-publish in "the little circle"

Published 10.09.2014 by Favo
Publish and un-publish in "the little circle"

Have you noticed how easily you can publish and un-publish a post directly from the list of posts on the startpage?

Quick, easy and accessible

As soon as you log in, you get a list of the posts you have on your screens. You do not have to open the post in order to publish or un-publish it. All you have to do, is click on the little circle far to the right on the line, and select which screens you want your posts displayed on or not displayed on any longer. No extra steps, - done in a few seconds.

Add a post to another screen

If you have an existing post which is being displayed on one of your screens, and you would like to add this to an additional screen, your can just select the other screen as well, - again just via this little circle.

Just as simple in the archive

If you have an old post in your archive, which you would like to republish, you just open the list of archived posts, and select which screens you would like it published on. Quick and simple. Just the way pintomind likes to be.

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